• l'ivresse des grands espaces--drunkenness great spaces
  • la beauté de la nature----nature's beauty
  • la sposata et sa légende----the sposata and its legend
  • là-haut vers l'infini----up there to infinity
  • un lieu de paix----a place of peace
  • un lieu pour contempler----a place to contemplate
  • un lieu de recueillement----a place of meditation
  • un lieu pour se reposer--a place to rest
  • un lieu pour respirer----a place to breathe
  • la rencontre entre ciel et mer--between sky and sea
  • l'apôtre de la Corse, Padre Albini--Apostle of Corsica
  • le temps jadis au couvent---time once the convent
  • le mieux vivre ensemble---to live better together
  • la tradition et la foi----tradition and faith
  • le carrefour des cultures---the crossroads of cultures
  • le goût des autres----the taste of others
  • les fêtes patronales au canton
  • c'est beau!-----how beautiful!
  • O mère, protège-nous!---O mother, protect us!
  • une vie donnée pour les autres--a life given for others

Welcome to your site of Vico Convent.!

Here you will find all the information relating to the life of the Convent.

The Convent is inhabited by a community of Missionary Oblates of Mary.

It is led by a team of laity. Here are his recent events ... 

God, Nature and Us...

This Sunday, September 16th at the Convent of Vicu, from 8am some are busy preparing the empty loft «zero gaspi», ...

Father Cavagne has left us

Daniel Cavagne, 7 July 1925 – 25 September 2018, He is sent to Corsica, professor and Economist of the small seminary...

Padre Albini in Piana

Sunday, July 1st, 2018, here are the pilgrims of our sector and beyond who go "in the footsteps of Padre Albini" to Piana.

Patronal Feast of Muna

This Saturday, June 30, 2018, we are gathered, as every year, the church of the village of Muna to celebrate together our patron saint


Feaste Father Albini

This month of May was very eventful in Vico ...On the 20th of May the celebrations of Father Albini gathered the pilgrims.

A Simple Life...

Saturday, April 28, at the initiative of the "Association of the friends of the convent" was held a day-meeting...