A little history

It is in 1481 that the Sieur Giovan Paolo de Leca obtains from Pope Sixtus IV a brief allowing him "to raise a convent to the place which he will judge good".
Originally Our convent built in support of a small chapel dedicated to St. Anthony consists only of small buildings identical to those of the most humble inhabitants of the region and nearly 2 centuries later in 1671, a chronicler of the Franciscan province of Corsica writes that "the cells are low and cramped, their soil is in clay, ... real mirrors of poverty! "
During the apostolic visit of Mgr Mascardi in 1589, several dysfunctions were noted involving the holding of the conventual church but also the attitude of the community with little rigor in the respect of the rule and apostolic obligations but force is to note that this community is much more rigorous than the secular clergy (the priest of the Procathedral Saint Marie de Vico lives in notorious concubinage near the church!)
All of this nearly caused the Franciscans who were observant to be replaced by the Reformed who marked the renewal of the order.
The determined reaction of the people of Vico and the region who mobilized to defend the convent community by addressing Rome, no doubt helped to bring about its development; indeed during the 17th century will be built a building wing supported perpendicularly to the church. During the 18th century, the part perpendicular to the wing of the 17th century is made, forming a "U". Finally, some installations take place in the 19th century.
This Convent was requisitioned by the State as national property during the Revolution but thanks to the help of the population the Franciscan monks remained until the last one in 1826; they rented their old convent! Then the state put it on sale again; Bishop Casanelli de Vico Bishop of Ajaccio bought it to receive the Oblates in 1835; in 1905, after the law of separation of church and state, they had to leave the convent for 30 years and then settled there without interruption until today!