Inter parish animation team (EAIP)

It is a team of Christians who collaborate in the exercise of the pastoral charge of the moderating priest. In a pastoral sector, the team is closely involved in the mission of the local Church in fidelity to diocesan orientations. It works with the parish priest to decide, implement and coordinate the usual or exceptional activities of the parishes that are under the responsibility of the parish priest.
Our sector of Two Sorru and Sevi in ​​Grentu is composed of 4 parish units, each grouping several parishes:
"Grand Vico" Unit: Arbori - Coggia - Murzo - Sagone - Vico and its hamlets (Appricciani, Chigliani and Nesa) -
San Roccu Unit: Balogna - Letia St-Roch and Saint Martin - Renno
Upper canton unit: Guagno - Orto - Poggiolo and hamlet (Guagno les Bains) - Soccia
Unit "Sevi in ​​Grentu": Evisa - Cristinacce -Matignana and hamlet (Chidazzo
These 4 parish units are served by the IMO Fathers residing at the Convent of St. Francis de Vicu: Father Michel BRUNE (Moderator Parish Priest); Father Greg SKICKI; Father Joseph NGUYEN.
Current members of EAIP: Fathers Michel, Greg and Joseph. Deacon François Aimé ARRIGHI. The Laity: Alexis CECCALDI, Lilia PANCHETTI and Marcelle PAOLI.
The local EAIP meets regularly each month. She reflects on issues that "go back" to monthly meetings of parish councils. She also plans celebrations for the coming month. Take stock of past celebrations. For some years she has been setting weekly prayer times during Advent and Lenten times. It prepares, with other lay people, so-called "sector" Masses: Advent entry, Lenten entry and other "exceptional" celebrations that may take place at the Convent or in other parishes.

The EAIP designates (with their agreement), the people who follow different diocesan formations like the formation on the pastoral care of the funeral.
The Evangelical Service for the Sick is also part of its responsibilities. This service is being set up little by little, mainly in the care of elderly and dependent people. It is provided by a team of lay people, priests and deacon.
Catechesis: the EAIP must have the permanent concern in connection with the catechists. The participation of children in various celebrations must be a priority: they are the Church of tomorrow! Note that for 5/6 years, in our sector school-age children are asking for baptism. As part of the catechesis, we note a significant participation of parents. These are signs of hope that we must see and for which we must give thanks to God.
Finally, the EAIP must also address the material and financial issues of parishes. For this, an Economic Sector Council has been set up.