Saturday, April 28, at the initiative of the "Association of the friends of the convent" was held a day-meeting with Nathalie Sarthou-Lajus and Alexis Jenni, both writers, authors of "A simple life".

A book that recounts an intense encounter between two writers with a remarkable personality of contemporary Christianity, Enzo Bianchi, founder of the monastic community of Bose. The Bose Monastery is a place where men and women seek to find a "grammar of the human", ie all the "essential elements" of happy human life - a simple life. It was a gripping and inspiring testimony that invited us to try to find the essentials and simplify our lives.

In the afternoon Father Patrick Vincensini testified about his meeting with Enzo Bianchi and surprised us by hearing him on the phone for a few moments.

A nice day of sharing for fifty participants from all walks of life, to leave with this intuition that simplify our lives is enriching ...!