Sunday, February 2nd:  9:30 am Convent ; 10.15 am RENNO (St Roch) A Tumbera

Friday 7th  February:  3:00 pm EHPAD Vico  Prayer

Saturday 8th February: 5:00 pm SAGONE 

Sunday 9th February: 9.30 am  CONVENT;  11am VICO 
Friday 14th  February: 3:00 pm EHPAD Vico Mass

Sunday, 16th February:  9:30 am CONVENT; 11:00 am LETIA st ROCH ; 11:00 am GUAGNO ; 3:00 pm COGGIA
Friday 21st February: 3:00 pm EHPAD Vico Prayer

Saturday 22nd February: 3:00 pm POGGIOLO  St Siméon

Saturday, February 22 at 2:30 p.m. meeting of the Parish councils. At 3:30 p.m. reflection/sharing from the pastoral letter of our Bishop (open to all)     

Sunday 23rd February: 9:30 am CONVENT ; 11:00 am SOCCIA; 11:00 am RENNO 

Friday 28th February: 3:00 pm EHPAD Vico Mass 

Sunday, March 1st: Lent Entry Area Mass at 10:30 am in BALOGNA         

Friday 6th March: 3:00 pm EHPAD Vico Prayer

Sunday 8th March: 9:30 am CONVENT ; 11;00 am LETIA st MARTIN ; 11:00 am VICO 

NB: Call to volunteers who would like to participate in the cleaning and flowering of the Convent Church. Meet at 2:30 pm at the church on the 1st Saturday of each month.


The funeral celebrated in January:

- Mr Marc Jean Luc BEGARIE in RENNO on January 10th

- Mrs. Pauline LECA in COGGIA on January 20th

- Mrs Marie, Diane ANTONINI at SOCCIA on January 23th

- Mrs Angèle VERSINI at EVISA on  January 27th