Friday, March 29th: EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time

Saturday, March 30: at the Presbytery of SAGONE from 9:30 to 14:30 3rd meeting of reflection led by the abbot J. FINI; VICO 11h: baptism; SAGONE 17h; POGGIOLO 17h

Sunday, March 31: CONVENT 9:30; : St Appian; LETIA St ROCH 11h; EVISA 11h; COGGIA 15h;

Friday, April 5: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

Sunday, April 7: CONVENT 9:30; GUAGNO 11am; VICO 11h; MARIGNANA 11am

Friday, April 12: EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time

Saturday, April 13 - Twigs: BALOGNA 15h; ARBORI 16h; POGGIOLO 16 h; SAGONE 17h

Sunday, April 14th - Twigs: APPRICCIANI 9h30; LETIA ST MARTIN 11am; VICO 11h; GUAGNO 11am; CRISTINACCE 11h;  RENNO 16h; COGGIA 16h

Tuesday, April 16 - Chrismal Mass: CATHEDRAL OF AJACCIO 9:30;

Holy Thursday, April 18th - Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: SAGONE 15h; BALOGNA 15h; COGGIA 15h; MARIGNANA 15h; POGGIOLO 15 h; SOCCIA 15h

Thursday 18 April - Celebration: VICO 18h: Celebration of the Scene: mass of the sector; 21h: office of darkness.

Good Friday, April 19th - Way of the Cross: SAGONE; BALOGNA; COGGIA; ARBORI; RENNO; POGGIOLO; GUAGNO

Good Friday, April 19th - Office of the Passion: EHPAD Vico 15h: Office of Passion; SOCCIA 15h Office of the passion, 21h: Way of the Cross and procession; LETIA ST MARTIN 17h: Office of the Passion

Saturday - Vigile April 20: SAGONE 19h; RENNO 20h30; MARIGNANA 21h; SOCCIA 21h; VICO 9:30 pm

Sunday - Easter 21st April: CONVENT 9.30am; LETIA St ROCH 11h; GUAGNO 11am; COGGIA 14h: baptism, 16h: Mass

Friday, April 26: EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time

Saturday, April 27th: COGGIA 3:30 pm: baptism;

Sunday, April 28: CONVENT 9:30 am: baptism; LETIA ST MARTIN 11am; COGGIA CASANOVA 15h: Annunciation

Friday, May 3: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

Saturday May 4th: SAGONE 5 pm

Sunday, May 5: CONVENT 9:30; COGGIA 11am: baptism; AJACCIO: Pilgrimage in the footsteps of Father Albini- 4.30 pm, go to San Rochellu then Mass at 6 pm in Saint Roch - Program to be specified ..


The funeral celebrated in March:

- Mr Francis MERCURY in LETIA St MARTIN on February 27th

- Mrs Philippine MELADOR born LECA in GUAGNO on February 28th

- Mr Felix CECCALDI in EVISA the 28th of February

- Mr Nicolas CARLOTTI in BALOGNA on March 4th

- Mrs Eona Jacqueline FILIPPINI born SALINI in CRISTINACCE on March 7th

- Mr Charles CAU to APPRICIANI on March 8th

- Mr Joachim SCIARLI in ORTO on March 9th

- Mrs Cécile ROCCA born ORICELLI in VICO on March 11th

- Mr Pasquale ROCCA in VICO on March 22th
- Mrs Annie BEUHORRY-SASSU born GINI in VICO on March 30th

-Mrs. Marie COLONNA born CARLOTTI in BALOGNA on April 2nd