Thursday, May 30 - ASCENSION: CONVENT 9:30; VICO 11h; LETIA ST ROCh 11h; SOCCIA 11h

Friday, May 31: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

TREIZAINE of St Antoine from June 1st: GUAGNO 19h

Saturday, June 1st: COGGIA 11am: baptism

Sunday, June 2: CONVENT 9:30; LETIA ST MARTIN 11am; EVISA 11h; GUAGNO 11h

Friday, June 7th: EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time

Saturday, June 8 Pentecost: SAGONE 17h; POGGIOLO 17h

Sunday, June 9 Pentecost: CONVENT 9:30; VICO 11h; SOCCIA 11h; COGGIA 16h

Thursday, June 13 St Antoine: GUAGNO 17h; VICO (col) 19h;

Friday, June 14: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

Saturday, June 15: CONVENT 17h: Confirmation

Sunday, June 16: CONVENT 9:30; MARIGNANA 11am;

Friday, June 21st: EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time

Saturday June 22nd: LETIA ST ROCh 11h30: Marriage; BALOGNA 16h: Marriage; SAGONE 17h

Saturday, June 22 at the CONVENT at 3 pm parish council meeting

Sunday, June 23 Feast God: CONVENT 9:30; EVISA 11h; RENNO 11h; VICO 21h: Procession Celebration God

Friday, June 28: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

Saturday, June 29 St Pierre-St Paul: COGGIA 10:30; MUNA 10h30; TASSO 11h; SOCCIA 15h: Marriage; VICO 4.30 pm: Marriage; NESA 18h

Sunday, June 30: CONVENT 10:30


The funeral celebrated in May:

- Mrs Alphonsine MASSONI born PIETRI in ORTO on May 7th

- Mrs Andrée ACQUAVIVA in BALOGNA on May 9

- Mrs Maguy MIGLIACCIO born FIESCHI in MURZO on May 18th

- Mrs Dominique SANSONETTI in MARIGNANA May 23rd