Friday, September 28th: ​​EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

Saturday, September 29th: POGGIOLO 15h; SAGONE 17h

Sunday, September 30: CONVENT 9:30; LETIA St ROCH 11h; SOCCIA 11h; VICO 11h

Friday October 5th: EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time;

Saturday, October 6: SOCCIA 15h: ND Rosary; GUAGNO 15h; SAGONE 17h

Sunday, October 7: CONVENT 9:30; BALOGNA 11h; MARIGNANA 11am; COGGIA 16h: ND Rosary;

Monday 8 October: COGGIA 16h: Ste Reparata

Friday, October 12: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

Sunday, October 14: CONVENT 9:30; CARGESE 11h: Mass Padre Albini

Friday October 19th: EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time

Saturday 20th: CONVENT 14h: Baptism; COUVENT: 2.30 pm: meeting of parish councils and relays

Sunday 21st: CONVENT 9:30; RENNO 11h; SOCCIA 11h; EVISA 11h;

Friday 26: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

Saturday 27th: SAGONE 5pm

Sunday 28th: ​​CONVENT 9.30am; SAGONE 11h: Baptism; c LETIA St Martin 11am;

Thursday, November 1st - Toussaint: CHIGLIANI 10am: Blessing cemetery; VICO 11h: Mass; MARIGNANA 10h: Mass; CRISTINACCE 11:30 am: Blessing cemetery; SOCCIA 11h: Mass; ORTO 15h: Mass; RENNO 15h: Mass; NESA 4.30 pm: Blessing cemetery; GUAGNO BATHS 4.30 pm: Blessing cemetery;

Friday 2nd November - Dead: EVISA 11h: Mass; GUAGNO 11h: Mass, BALOGNA 11h: Mass; LETIA St ROCH 10h: Mass; LETIA St MARTIN 11h30; EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time; COGGIA 15h: Mass; APPRICCIANI 16h30: Blessing cemetery; ARBORI 15h: Mass; POGGIOLO 15h: Mass; MURZO 4.30 pm: Blessing cemetery;


The funeral celebrated in September:

- Mr Antoine GAFFORY in GUAGNO on September 1st

- Mrs Marie-José CECCALDI at EVISA on September 4th

- Mr Charles RAHN at ORTO on September 13th

- Mrs Marthe MALATESCA in VICO on September 18th

- Mrs Simone ALFONSI in ORTO on September 20th

- Mrs Marie Louise MERINIS in COGGIA on September 21st

- Mr Georges LECA in RENNO on  September 25th

- Father Daniel CAVAGNE at the CONVENT of VICO on September 27th

- Mr Gil Moulins in CRISTINACCE on September 29th