Friday, January 11: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

Saturday, January 12th: LETIA St ROCH 15h; EVISA 15h

Sunday, January 13: CONVENT 9:30; GUAGNO 11h

Friday 18th January: EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time

Saturday, January 19: MARIGNANA 10am: Mass St Antoine in the presence of Bishop de Germay; GUAGNO les BAINS 15 h: Mass St Anrtoine

Sunday, January 20: CONVENT 9:30; VICO 11h; BALOGNA 11h

Friday, January 25: EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time

Saturday, January 26: at the SAGONE Presbytery from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Second meeting of reflection led by Father J.FINI

Sunday, January 27: CONVENT 9:30; SAGONE 10:30 am: St Appian; RENNO 11h; SOCCIA 11am

Friday 1st February: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass



Funerals celebrated in December:

- Mr François PIERAGGI in CRISTINACCE on December 1st

- Mrs. Marie Xavière CECCALDI in MARIGNANA on December 10th

- Mrs Marie Mathéa VENTURINI in ORTO on December 20th

- Mr Luc Antoine SANTUCCI in LETIA St MARTIN on December 21st

- Mrs Marie-Séraphine MUSCA born GIORGI in VICO on December 28th

- Mr Hubert VORMEC in VICO on December 29th

Friday, October 26: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

Saturday October 27th: SAGONE 5pm

Sunday, October 28: CONVENT 9:30; SAGONE 11h: Baptism; LETIA St MARTIN 11am; GUAGNO 11h

Thursday, November 1st - Toussaint: CHIGLIANI 10am: Blessing cemetery; VICO 11h: Mass; MARIGNANA 10h: Mass; CRISTINACCE 11:30 am: Blessing cemetery; SOCCIA 11h: Mass; ORTO 15h: Mass; RENNO 15h: Mass; NESA 4.30 pm: Blessing cemetery; GUAGNO BATHS 4.30 pm: Blessing cemetery;

Friday 2nd November - Dead: EVISA 11h: Mass; GUAGNO 11h: Mass, BALOGNA 11h: Mass; LETIA St ROCH 10h: Mass; LETIA St MARTIN 11h30; EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time; COGGIA 15h: Mass; APPRICCIANI 16h30: Blessing cemetery; ARBORI 15h: Mass; POGGIOLO 15h: Mass; MURZO 4.30 pm: Blessing cemetery;

Saturday 3rd November: SAGONE 17h

Sunday, November 4: CONVENT 9:30; SOCCIA 11h;

Friday, November 9: EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time

Sunday 11th November-Armistice: CONVENT 9.30am; VICO 11h; GUAGNO 11h; LETIA St MARTIN 11h: St Martin;

Friday 16th November: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

Saturday 17 November: SAGONE 17h

Sunday, November 18: CONVENT 9:30; BALOGNA 11h; COGGIA 15h:

Friday 23: EHPAD Vico 15h: Mass

Saturday 24: COUVENT: 2.30 pm: meeting of parish councils and relays; GUAGNO 15h;

Sunday 25: CONVENT 9:30; RENNO 11h; SOCCIA 11h; EVISA 10:30 am: brown feast;

Friday 30: EHPAD Vico 15h: Prayer time

Sunday 02 December-Advent: VICO 10.30 am: Advent Sector Mass in Advent

Saturday 08 Décembre:  CHIDAZZO 11h: mass St François Xavier

Sunday 09th December: CONVENT 9h30; GUAGNO 10h meeting and Mass with Bishop

The funeral celebrated in October:

- Mrs Angèle PAOLI in RENNO on October 3rd

- Mrs Xavière FONDEVILLE in VICO on October 17th

- Mrs Fernande PANICALI  in VICO on October 25th

- Mr Sauveur GRAZI in LETIA St MARTIN on October 26th

- Mrs Marie Fifine ARCHIMBAUD in LETIA St MARTIN on October 27th

- Mr François SANTINI in CHIGLIANI on October 31th

- Mr Pierre PERENEY in GUAGNO on October 31th