The Confraternity Padre Albini

In 1996, four young people from the Canton of Two Sorru decided to create A CUNFRATERNITA DIU PADRE ALBINI, which today is made up of about forty confreres and sisters, with special devotion to the Venerable Charles-Dominique ALBINI.
The highlights experienced throughout the year by this brotherhood are:
- The pilgrimage to the Tomb of Padre ALBINI (the weekend near May 20)
- August 1st at the Portiuncula (Franciscan feast) where all the brotherhoods of Southern Corsica are invited to participate in a nocturnal procession of Vico to the Convent.
- Holy Week, the patron saint's day, ...
- The times of conviviality between its members or towards the underprivileged as well as a collection every year for the benefit of the Restos du Coeur ...