Father Daniel CAVAGNE O.M.I. has left us

this morning Tuesday, September 25, 2018




Father Daniel CAVAGNE

Daniel Cavagne was born on July 7, 1925 in SERINA, Italy.

At the age of 3, his family emigrated to France and settled in the Grenoble region of JARRIE.

At 18, he joined the community of Missionary Oblates.

1st commitment on September 15th, 1944, then priestly ordination on February 26th, 1950.

He is sent to Corsica, professor and Economist of the small seminary. He told us his travels throughout Corsica to recover wood, food offered by families for the seminar .. then he moved to Nice, ND Lumières .. in 1971 he returned to Ajaccio, Curé of St Pierre-St Paul (Salines), then Vico and from 1980 to 1985 he will be Secretary General of the Bishopric of Ajaccio. Bishop Jean-Charles THOMAS tells us: "Daniel was a faithful servant, wise, courageous, always fraternal and loyal. I exchanged a lot with him during my episcopal years in Corsica. I knew his pastoral preferences and his proposals in the financial field. His relationship with the Oblate congregation outweighed all other considerations, it was the foundation ... "

He returns to Lyon, then Marseilles, Procurator of the Missions where he is in contact with all the Missionaries of North Cameroun-Chad.

From 1995 to 2002 he will be curate in St Florent then from 2002 to 2012 Curate in Vescovato and he comes to Vico to live his retirement.

At first he was a monthly Mass at the Convent, then following health difficulties in the summer of 2017 he had stopped this service but was watching the service of the community table, the cleanliness of the house .. Collecting the boxes of deliveries, the newspapers of the week, sweeping the courtyard of the Convent, and went down in the morning all these residues to the dump .. Then the osteoarthritis progressing he could not clean the yard but he was watching and suffering from not seeing us do it more often.

So taking advantage of our absence, gone to the continent for a meeting, he began to pick up the sheets. And this Tuesday, September 25 he made a first trip to the dump, at 7am, bringing 6 bags. He took the secateurs to prune the hydrangeas and that's when he fell! Standing, in service until the end .. Firefighters called to help could only note the death.

His funeral was celebrated on Friday, September 28th. Our bishop Father de Germay presided over them, one of his nieces was able to come with his family, a beautiful delegation from Vescovato with his mayor and parish priest was there and testified to their friendship for their former pastor.
Daniel now rests in our cemetery alongside Louis Doazan. They were the same age and had begun their ministry in Corsica, at the seminary, at the same time.

May they continue to watch over our mission with all our elders who are there, including the Venerable Charles-Dominique Albini.

                                                                   Michel Brune