God, Nature and Us…the return of kté 2018

 God, nature and us ... the return of kte 2018
This Sunday, September 16th at the Convent of Vicu, there is a certain effervescence ... from 8am some are busy to prepare the empty attic "zero gaspi", others to put in place the exhibition of paintings, icons, works of art. cardboard workshop ...

 and others to prepare the decor for the Sunday celebration. As you may know, in the Church, the month of September is dedicated to Creation and we are invited to give thanks for the wonders that God gives us. This is why the catechists and the priest in charge have proposed to join this day and to propose to the children and young people as well as their parents to make it the "festival of return of summer".
The Creation, it will be the thread of our year of kte ...
"How beautiful are your works, how great are your works, Lord, you fill us with joy." While this song is sounding, children, young people, parents, catechists, celebrants enter the church with images of domestic animals and / or wild animals from our home, they will put them in the decor that has been prepared, with flowers of our gardens, ferns and other greens cut on the paths. During the celebration, we give glory to God "who did wonders", who "is present among us now and forever ...! It is the young people who proclaim the Psalm of Creation chosen on this day: "My God, you are great you are beautiful, God alive, God very high you are the God of love ... .. God present, in all creation ! "
At the end of the celebration, a little tour at the loft, at the expo, then picnic in the large garden of the Convent ... .and then? Well we will discover this nature that surrounds us with our senses and our members ... and we go for a walk. What do we see? What do we feel? What do we mean? What did we do with our feet? with our hands? You would be surprised how much these children are attentive, how much they notice things! And how do they know how to pray to God to thank him for all that! Before tea, we all try a little quiz on the environment. Again, congratulations to all, congratulations to parents who know how to make their children aware of this: protection and respect for the environment.

That's it, it was our first day of kte. It is in good humor that we praised God. Let us know how to see all these wonders with the eyes of children, let us thank God, let us share with those who do not have the chance to live like us in the middle of a still protected nature, let us share with those to whom the Lord has given but that man, for profit, destroys every day a little more. Do not hesitate to meditate the text of the Gospel of Matthew in chapter 6 verses 24 to 34, here is a small excerpt:
"Jesus said, Do not worry about your life for what you will eat, nor for your body for what you will clothe it. Is not life worth more than food and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the sky: they do not sow or harvest, they do not gather in attics, and your heavenly Father feeds them. And about clothes, why worry so much? Observe how the field lilies grow: they do not work, they do not spin. "

The team of kté