San Appian, Patron Saint of Sagone


This Sunday, January 27, all the Sagonais celebrated the feast of San Appian ...



This Sunday, January 27, in Sagone, we celebrated our Patron Saint. Already, the day before reigned a certain joy around our chapel, with a view to preparation. The Mass presided over by Father Michel was animated by the deacon and the confreres.

As our tradition dictates, a wreath of flowers, prepared the day before by veronique, was thrown off the coast. We all found ourselves, then, thanks to the kindness of Jean Thomas of the '' Stonda '', in front of a large buffet prepared by different people; after the salty, it was a treat for all to enjoy the traditional '' figatellu '' offered by Annie and the ''panzetta'' grilled.

After the salty, several sweets have delighted everyone's taste buds. Everything was accompanied by sparkling muscat and red wine rose juice, all at will. Thanks to everyone who helped make this beautiful day a success, and especially a representative of the town hall of Vico.

The parish council of Sagone.