This month of May was very eventful in Vico ..

On the 20th of May the celebrations of Father Albini gathered the pilgrims of the Deanery and Ajaccio who came to pray, to give thanks to Father Albini, "Apostle of trust ..".

Louis Lougen, our Superior General and Antoni Bohm, Councilor of Europe presided at these celebrations. The day before the procession, the children of the catechesis but also the Brotherhood of Padr'Albini and the Mazenodian family led us to open ourselves to the fruits of the Holy Spirit to succeed the mission today ... Then the Mass of the day, the aperitif and the meal gathered a hundred or so guests in joy, singing .. In the early afternoon Louis and Antoni gave us some information on the mission in the world with its challenges, its successes and difficulties .. Then a last procession closed these holidays.

The next day, May 21, St. Eugene was celebrated in the privacy of the community.

Louis and Antoni were able to discover the beauties of our region, despite a little rain .. and spend the evening with our friends.

The next day, May 22, they went to celebrate the St. Rita in Appriciani, live a local insertion before returning to Rome. Thank you to all those who allowed this beautiful festive time ..

On the evening of Wednesday, May 23, Louis Doazan has breathed his last breath, very tired for several weeks .. A vigil of prayers and the celebration of his funeral have brought together the community, friends in the simplicity wanted by Louis . The leaders of the Assembly of Corsica, the Museum of Corte sent messages and flowers in recognition of the work and testimony of Louis for Corsica.