Lent Entry Mass                                  
           Balogna Parish
                 Sunday, 1st March  2020
Here's the 40-day path,
Path to fill with love,
Way to change our hearts,
Here we are on your way, Lord.

1. It is the path of a voice that listens to itself in the depths of oneself.
Every day a moment to pray simply.

I look at the five fingers of my hand.
When I pray, the thumb is closest to my heart.
It reminds me to pray for my loved ones...
I pray to you Lord for my parents.
The index finger, I lift it when I want to talk.
The Bible tells me to pray for those who speak in this world:
The presidents, the pope, the priests...
Today, I am silent for the priest of my parish...
Sometimes the middle finger is used to curse.
Jesus says to pray for our enemies rather than curse them.
I pray for those I don't like enough....
The fourth finger, the ring finger, is the weakest of the five fingers.
He encourages me to pray for the weakest of my entourage:
I pray for a sick friend.
The earpiece, the smallest.
Reminds me I'm small.
I mustn't forget to pray for myself.
So that I always walk on the path of Jesus.
(Author unknown)