Prayer of the consecration of Corsica to the Virgin Immaculate Virgin Mary, Immaculate

Design, Queen of Corsica chosen by our forefathers in 1735, by you we give thanks to God for the Gospel that has been announced, transmitted and lived for so long on this island. In communion with Pope Francis, who dedicated the world to you, we renew the consecration of Corsica to your immaculate heart.

It is through you that Christ came two thousand years ago, it is still through you that he comes today to realize his work of salvation and dedicate the world to his Father. That is why we entrust Corsica to your powerful intercession. We entrust to you all those who are reborn from water and spirit by baptism, but also all our brothers and sisters in humanity of whom we feel solidarity. Teach us, Virgin Mary, to let us be led by you to Jesus. Give us the grace to make Sunday a day dedicated to God, keep us from neglecting the gifts God gives us in the sacraments and in His Word. Help us to love each other sincerely, especially in our parish communities, and to take care of all those in need. Make us authentic witnesses of the Gospel so that the
faith is passed on to the younger generations. Get us the vocations we need. Virgin Mary, liberates Corsica from violence, corruption and all forms of exclusion. Support families and give spouses the grace of fidelity; teach us to recognize the dignity and sanctity of all human life. O Mother, whose immaculate heart is united with that of your Son, we want like you to make ourselves available to the work of the Spirit and sing the wonders that God does for the humble and the poor at heart. United to you, we want to say to the Father: "That everything happens to me according to your Word." Amen