In The Footsteps of Padre Albini to Piana


This Sunday, July 1st, 2018, here are the pilgrims of our sector and beyond who go "in the footsteps of Padre Albini" to Piana.


A hundred people gathered on Sunday at the church of Piana. The celebration is presided over by Fr. Oblate Greg Skicki and concelebrated by Fathers Edward (parish priest of Piana) and Oblates Michel and Joseph of Vico Convent. The Eucharistic celebration ends with the song to Padre Albini "O Padr'Albini beatu, apostulu umiltà, read nostru core fidatu semper ti stole cantà" ... that's it, the tone is given to this celebration and the day of pilgrimage . We are in the spirit of Padre Albini for a real moment of communion, sharing, prayer. After this celebration, we are invited by the parish of Piana to share the glass of friendship.

Then we head to the village hall to eat around a meal from the bag and shared among all.
We have time together to watch a film about life in Corsica at the time of Padre Albini. Reproducing what was really the vendetta at the time, and his mission with audacity ...
The testimony that we can, that we must bring simply by our way of living today. In any case, it was Padre Albini's attitude during his mission. Trusting the Holy Spirit and advancing boldly as requested by his Superior Father Eugene de Mazenod.
Around 16h, we are gathered again in the church of the village to pray and contemplate this time of grace that the Lord has granted us, on a beautiful day of pilgrimage with a sunny weather !!! a big thank you to the people of Piana for their nice welcome.