Since 1989 our group exists - what we live - our commitment:
The Oblate Charism seen by the associated laity:
The Cross at the heart of the mission.
The Community: The community of the Apostles with Jesus is the model of their life.
Mission: The preaching of missions.
The Good News: The Good News is announced to the poor.
Zeal: Charity inside and zeal on the outside.
The Church: A church rooted in local culture.
A filial devotion to the Immaculate Conception.
When Padre Albini, in the Oblate tradition, was always recognized as the Oblate who really lived according to the ideal described by the Founder.
What the Constitutions and Rules on the Place of the Laity tell us:
"We will support the laity in their efforts to discern and develop their own talents and charisms.
"We will encourage them to take on responsibilities that belong to them in the Christian community. "

Let us pause for a moment on the laity associated with the OMI of the Convent of Vico: the small group was formed in 1989. Group with spiritual vocation, impregnated by the ideal of the Oblate family. What we are aiming for: to make the Founder better known; to make him love; deepen the Oblate charism: pray together.

The group of laymen associated with the VIC community of OMI: Louise, Françoise, Annie, Jacqueline, Lily, Marcelle.

International Congress of Laity associated with the Oblates - Aix en Provence May 1996
The identity of the associated laity:
In response to a call from Christ, enlightened by the charisma of Eugene de Mazenod.
The lay associates are passionate about Jesus Christ.
Mary, who gives Christ to the world, is their model.
The lay associates live a bond of communion with the IMOs.
IMO and lay associates experience complementarity in mutual growth.