14th & 15th of July - SAN QUILICU: Balogna patronal feast

It is with teens, several children, young and old, that '' San Quilicu '', child martyr of 3 years, patron of the parish, was celebrated.

The procession the day before, at 9 pm, gave the start of these two days of prayer and joy. Teenagers were honored by opening the procession with the Cross and the statue of San Quilicu; Followed a group of younger children aged 4 to 15 years, then about fifty people. The statue, accompanied by all this youth, crossed the village illuminated by small candles placed on the windows, as well as on the small walls of the houses.

The next day, July 15, Mass was celebrated by Father Michel. The Mass was "grandiose", full of fervor with the presence of 6 priests: 3 priests on vacation at the presbytery of Balogna, to which had joined the two Oblate fathers of the convent: Father Joseph and Father Dominique. We tell them a very, very big thank you to everyone. Thank you for this celebration full of emotions. Thank you also to all those who have come from elsewhere, to join us, to pray to our patron saint.

After having participated in the meal of Christ, all the pilgrims found themselves under the plane trees, on the place of the church for a moment of conviviality, in front of a meal taken from the bag. Around 5 pm, the smallest children of the village came to cheer up the church square with the traditional games organized by the municipality and volunteers: the egg race, the piece to recover in the basin of water, then in the bowl of flour & many other games that made the joy of all these little ones. To end this magnificent festive day, 6 teenagers aged 17 & 18, (the same ones who had worn the statue the day before), had taken on a heavy responsibility: organizing the village festival. Perfect and successful organization: 110 people were able to feast with the good bouillabaisse Michel SERRERI known in the region.

Finally the ball, on the church square, allowed young, older and younger (from 3 years to 86 years) to be united on the dance floor, until the early morning. Congratulations and a big thank you to our youth who managed to unite the village beyond any cleavage.

Who still dares to think that everything is lost in our villages ???

Who still dares to think that future generations will not take over ????

In Balogna, for the moment, the succession seems assured.

San Quilicu protects our youth.
San Quilicu, we thank you.

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