• l'ivresse des grands espaces--drunkenness great spaces
  • la beauté de la nature----nature's beauty
  • la sposata et sa légende----the sposata and its legend
  • là-haut vers l'infini----up there to infinity
  • un lieu de paix----a place of peace
  • un lieu pour contempler----a place to contemplate
  • un lieu de recueillement----a place of meditation
  • un lieu pour se reposer--a place to rest
  • un lieu pour respirer----a place to breathe
  • la rencontre entre ciel et mer--between sky and sea
  • l'apôtre de la Corse, Padre Albini--Apostle of Corsica
  • le temps jadis au couvent---time once the convent
  • le mieux vivre ensemble---to live better together
  • la tradition et la foi----tradition and faith
  • le carrefour des cultures---the crossroads of cultures
  • le goût des autres----the taste of others
  • le couvent de Vico et le ciel----- the convent of Vico and the sky
  • c'est beau!-----how beautiful!
  • O mère, protège-nous!---O mother, protect us!
  • une vie donnée pour les autres--a life given for others

"St Francois was a mystic and a pilgrim who lived with simplicity and in a wonderful harmony with God, with others, with nature and with himself. In him we see how inseparable are the preoccupation with nature, the justice towards the poor, commitment to society and inner peace. (François, Laudato si)

The Convent of Vico follows the footsteps of his patron saint on the way to a conversion integral ecological, in the relationship with God, with the neighbor, with the earth and with himself.

Convinced that wonder is the first step towards respect and that nature is "A splendid book in which God speaks to us and reveals something of its beauty and its kindness "the community of Missionary Oblates invites contemplation of the beauty of creation.

Through celebrations, events, eco-responsible gestures Oblates want respond to the invitation of Pope Francis and participate in a new dialogue on how we are building the future of the planet.
P. Greg Skicki omi

Why the Green Church label?
Because we believe that God reveals himself by his work, and that he entrusted it to the men who must cultivate it and keep it,
Because life on earth is a blessing and shows the love of God, and that acting to preserve it is a way of loving one's neighbor and acting for justice,
Because the ecological crisis commits us to hear the cry of the earth that "groans in travail" (Rm 8,22) and to choose, in hope, ways of life that prepare the emergence of a new creation now and beyond,
Because the people of God can pray and act to bring this hope to the world,
Because we are aware that it is by converting together that we will succeed in building this more just and ecological world necessary for the survival of humanity.