Follow the steps of Padre Albini in Casaglione


This Sunday, February 24, our pastoral sector met in the church of Casaglione village to solemnly celebrate the presence of Padre Albini in this sector ...


           A beautiful meeting!

This Sunday, February 24, 2019 a delegation of our communities, the Brotherhood of Padr'Albini came to visit Casaglione bear the testimony of Father Albini. We gathered at the Church of St. Frederic for Mass with the community of Cinarca and Cruzini and their parish priest, Father Paulin. The gospel of the day invited us to convert ourselves to the love of our neighbor, to love his enemies, to walk on the path of forgiveness ... as Father Albini did during his Missions.

After Mass we watched the video that recounts the life of Father Albini and his missions in our region.
Then we shared the meal in the conviviality at the Communal Hall. Wine, cheese offered by the City Council, sharing of our specialties both salty and sweet! A beautiful day ! .. Thank you to all those who favored this beautiful meeting, who welcomed us.