Célébrate the Sant'Eliseo

with Bishop Olivier de Germay

29 August 2019


By air, on horseback or donkeys or on foot, many pilgrims met on Thursday, August 29 around Bishop Olivier de Germay at the top of the mountain Orto village to celebrate the Sant'Eliseo.
It is very early for some that the rise was to begin and for others including the elderly and children waiting for the rotations of the helicopter made available by the mayor of the city to drop them near the chapel at the top of the hill. Some of those who climbed the mountain were doing it barefoot and for them it was to do penance. Our Father Bishop, a great sportsman will know the mountain in 1:15 minutes while others will do in about 3 hours. All in all, it will be necessary to wait for the arrival of the large number to begin the mass which will be animated by the choir of the village. Around the bishop were Father Joseph NGUYEN, who on occasion celebrated his 30 years of religious life and said goodbye to the parish community following his posting in Lourdes, Father Michel BRUNE, Curator-Moderator and the Father Charles EKO newly arrived in the Convent community.








In his homily drawn from the texts of the day, Mgr Olivier will exhort the many young people who came to this pilgrimage to make choices in life. Today's world, with all that it offers us enslaves us and does not allow us to appreciate the presence of God in our lives. We are in a consumer society that offers us a little bit of everything and many more things that are incompatible with our life of faith. That young people are not afraid to return to the Essentials, to God, to the Church. A procession with the statue of Saint Eliseo was shaken from the chapel to the place planned on the side of the mountain for the blessing of the village.






Taking advantage of the moment of information Bishop Olivier will thank Father Joseph for the time spent in the parish, for all the services rendered and he wishes him many things in his new ministry in Lourdes. He also welcomed Father Charles, who he introduced to the parish community. Appointment was made for next year.
After the mass, and following the storm that the weather had reported, the helicopter will resume rotations in the direction of the village and the large number of pilgrims will take the descent to the fountain where was planned a large aperitif with animation of the young people of the village.


Father Charles EKO NKOA